Grand Prix

Case Film

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Category D04. Brand Installation & Experience
Entrant HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Guido Heffels HEIMAT Berlin Chief Creative Officer
Matthias Storath HEIMAT Berlin Executive Creative Director
Iken Keune HEIMAT Berlin Art Director
Martin Glöckner HEIMAT Berlin Art Director
Matthias Storath HEIMAT Berlin Copywriter
Thomas Insel HEIMAT Berlin Copywriter
Sebastian Stumpf HEIMAT Berlin Copywriter
Elisabeth Treichel HEIMAT Berlin Agency Account Manager
Alexander Münzer HEIMAT Berlin Agency Producer
Katrin Zillinger HEIMAT Berlin Agency Producer
Marco Thau HEIMAT Berlin Editor
Jonas Schubert HEIMAT Berlin Editor
André Kadanik HEIMAT Berlin Production
Jonas Schubert HEIMAT Berlin Production
Chris Gerlach HEIMAT Berlin Production
Paul Aiden Perry - Photographer

The Campaign

Supported by their community's favourite paint they encouraged people: Let’s #PaintBack. Swastikas, symbols of hate, were changed into graffiti pieces of joy. They were turned into flower pots, animals, flies, busting bubbles. And through graffiti, open-mindedness reclaimed the streets.

Creative Execution

All over Berlin artists painted back and got the idea going. The city became their medium – and media coverage followed.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The idea went viral immediately. #PaintBack spread globally. Reaching 100 million ad impressions, 5 million euro in earned media and more than 10 million video views. But more importantly,places of fear turned back into places of joy. And changed the reputation of graffiti once and for all.

An online film, magazines, posters and workshops inspired people and spreat the word. It started within the graffiti community, knowing once the idea is launched it would unfold its power.