Category A04. Series: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Name Company Position
Fabrice Delacourt / Olivier Desmettre Publicis Conseil Executive Creative Directors
Julien Deschamps Publicis Conseil Copywriter
Jordan Lemarchand Publicis Conseil Art Director
César Croze / Vanessa Launay Publicis Conseil Account Managers
Barberine Reyners / Edouard Perrin Publicis Conseil Strategic Planning
Vincent Roby Publicis Conseil Digital Project Director
Matthieu Etienne Publicis Conseil Social Media Manager
Pierre Marcus / Sophie Bouyer Prodigious TV Production
Capisco / Première heure Capisco / Première heure Production Companies
Jeremy Frey / Capisco / Première heure / Directors
Clément Jouve / Producer
Delphine Lassalle / Line Producer
Jmage / Prodigious Jmage / Prodigious Post Production
GoProd GoProd Website
Catherine Oger / Carlos Serrano Prodigious Business Affairs
Marc-Antoine Olive / Hélène Hertzfeld-Soul / Gérald Saada / Caroline Grenthe / Virginie Masson Yoplait Advertiser’s Supervisors

The Campaign

What if any age was the best one? Fifty testimonials of real people from 1 to 100 years old who explain what makes them happy at their age. The 50 videos shows the various facets of Yoplait purpose and demonstrate there is good in very age. In each video, people tell us THEIR enthusiastic view of life: • The happiness that exists in the present moment • The self-fulfillment • A life change • A state of awareness • See big opportunities in small moments • Living an incredible experience

Creative Execution

In terms of assets, the Agency has developed : • a teaser (30sec), • a long format (2min18), • and 50 stand-alone videos featured in a historical timeline on ilovemyage.fr We launched the campaign in May 2016 with two partner websites : Konbini.fr and demotivateur.fr in order to develop third-party content and amplify the concept with a target prescribers during 10 days. Then, the videos had been pushed on Youtube (pre-roll), Facebook and Outbrain during 3 months.

A very good visibility: • 7 660 000 impressions • 3 136 000 views • A good completion rate: 20%

One-year-old Kenji, 11-year-old Jules, 63-year-old Jean-Pierre, 90-year-old Mag, and others — all positive and moving individuals, share their enthusiastic outlook on a moment in their lives and prove that there are bright sides and reasons to be happy at any age. These 50 videos, which are genuine, without pretension, and full of emotions, have been released one by one during 3 months to create expectations and envy to see the next one.

Everything started with the following insight : “In an intense daily life, people are struggling to enjoy the present moment and see the beauty in everyday moments. They feel that time passes too quickly, this generates frustrations and anxieties. It is difficult to step back, to see the bright side of life. ” Our point of view : this is a relation to time which can be turned to positive with the optimistic state of mind of Yoplait ! • Yoplait makes the little daily moments bigger and and especially more greedy and transforms the ordinary into extra-ordinary. • Yoplait supports individuals throughout their lives with products which offer tasteful moments for every age.