Category A03. Online: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Entrant JUNG von MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Idea Creation JUNG von MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Dörte Spengler-Ahrens Jung von Matt AG Executive Creative Director
Andreas Hilbig Jung von Matt AG Creative Director
Valentin Tillian Jung von Matt AG Art Director
Agathe Rzymkowski Jung von Matt AG Copywriter
Julia Matczak Jung von Matt AG Senior Project Manager
Natalie Martens Jung von Matt AG Client Service Director
Dennis Wendt Jung von Matt AG Agency Producer
Jallo Faber Iconoclast Germany GmbH DoP
Swantje Rummel Iconoclast Germany GmbH Producer
Tim Augustin Jung von Matt AG Line Producer
Brian Lee Hughes Freelance Director
Robert Rzesacz Iconoclast Germany GmbH Editor
Ruta Kiskyte Iconoclast Germany GmbH Production Designer

The Campaign

The answer to our brief was simple: meow! We brought the most popular cats of the world – pop icons like „Nonono-Cat“ or „OMG Cat“ – together for the first time ever. And let them shop at Netto!

Creative Execution

We actually built a cat-sized Netto store (complete with hundreds of miniature products, shelves, shopping carts, supermarket lighting etc.) and trained actual cats to perform the tricks – all set to the soundtrack of cats meowing a catchy pop tune (a cover of Space’s „Magic Fly“).

A Facebook reach of 44 million, over 9 million views on youtube and international press coverage well worth over 2 mio Euros – the Netto cats did what cats do: they took the internet by storm! And made Netto a hot topic not only in Germany, but across the globe.

Netto, a German discount supermarket chain, wanted a viral video that would not only communicate their great prices, but also conquer the world – and new target groups in the German market. What better way to do that than skipping all supermarket cliché ideas...and instead give people something to talk and laugh about. Which is exactly what we did – without ever leaving the setting that says „Netto“ like nothing else: the Netto Store!

We used both Facebook and youtube to gain initial momentum – and then relied on PR to keep the conversation going. What added to our success was that (fort he German market) our rate of social shares was four times bigger than that of the second most successful viral campaign of the year!