Category A03. Online: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Idea Creation PKP BBDO Vienna, AUSTRIA
Additional Company AUSTRIAN AIRLINES Vienna, AUSTRIA
Additional Company 2 PKP BBDO Vienna, AUSTRIA
Name Company Position
Jakob Kattner Warda Network Creative Director
Eugen Prosquill Warda Network C.E.O.
Kathrin Würger PKP BBDO senior consultant
karl hoellriegl Austrian Airlines Head of community marketing
Nina Leppe PKP BBDO Consultant
Astrid Wecht Austrian Airlines Social Media Manager
Sonja Feldmann Austrian Airlines Team Leader Advertising
Anna Maria Bonfiglio Warda Network Project Manager

The Campaign

The idea was to surprise the uninformed girlfriend of Jürgen in the airplane with a wedding proposal. After the proposal she was asked to marry him directly on the plane. We surprised her with her entire family (father, mother, grandmother), the registrar, the wedding dress and the rings and therefore generated brand awareness for Austrian Airlines and positioned them as the most charming airline in the world. We uploaded the video through a private profile purely for entertainment purposes and the goal that it would be shared by bloggers, influencer and other people. The story was created to capture the interest of the watcher and enhance brand awareness by subtle branding within the video. We believed that the story itself would take its own path and become popular after being passed from our grooms and the bloggers social media profiles.

Creative Execution

May Presenting the idea, Concept and strategy Press & media partners Finding the decoy for the bride, asking the groom June Preparation of flights, airplane and charming surprises Organisation and administration of flight schedules Preparing secret film equipment Casting / staff, crew July Preparation Meetings Disposition Script Animation Titles Press and PR The tone and press clippings were solely positive and reflected the claim of the company through various media channels Website visits grew +20% The campaign reached almost 2 Billion eyeballs and set a benchmark for success on viral indicators by comparing one small targeted video to large campaigns backed by national media / budget. We wanted to evoke some sort of emotion (linked to charme and love) and therefore start the path to virality. The video itself communicated the brand´s personality without giving the „hard sell“ and rather entertain the audience by a highly emotional story.

We defined two criteria to measure the success of our viral video. The primary measure of success was to generate brand awareness (visibility) through our viral clip (views, likes, press, PR) The secondary measure involved measuring engagement: user behavior (comments, likes, shares) and interaction with the campaign. The video had a massive impact in educating and exciting users about the brand and its claim as „most charming way to fly“. The experience was designed to reach as many relevant eyeballs as possible and keep those eyebally engaged for a significant amount of time, while we show subversive branding within the online clip. The foundational goal was to generate views and create a charming story of a user interacting with the brand, therefore to station the brand as the „most charming airline in the world“. Reach: Online and Social Media: Intervisibility 24.877.166 Print, TV, Radio, Websites: 1.975.046.573

The viral video shows the world’s first wedding proposal and wedding within an airplane. The company Austrian Airlines is being presented as the most charming airline in the world. The video shown had millions of users and hundres of thousands of interactions on facebook and social media, connecting the user-generated content with the brand and its claim. Mediaclippings, tv shows and news coverage all over the world ensured our campaign´s progress towards the defined goal of spreading the viral video on different media channels and accumulate views.

The wedding which took place in the airplane was documented on video and fotos, which were spread all over the world through user generated content, and media (radio, tv, online, websites, blogs). 3 international blogger where integrated and seated on the plane to spread fotos and video material through their social media channels. While the story of the wedding was communicated through classic media outlets such as TV, radio, newspapers, the company Austrian Airlines was presented as the charming partner who made this exceptional wedding possible. The strategy was not to promote a special offering or product but simply position Austrian Airlines as the partner who made the groom´s dream possible. Just by helping to make this wedding proposal happen the brand itself had a wildly successful content that was seen by millions of people.