Category A01. Cinema & Theatrical: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Idea Creation ARENA MEDIA Madrid, SPAIN
Media Placement ARENA MEDIA Madrid, SPAIN
Production EL TERRAT Barcelona, SPAIN
Name Company Position
David Pueyo Arena Media Transmedia Project Director
Sigfrid Mariné Arena Media Producer
Pablo Torres Arena Media Transmedia Strategist
Veronica Acosta Arena Media Account Manager
Abel Delgado Arena Media Release Manager
Marta Reus Arena Media Release Manager

The Campaign

In 2015 we faced a double challenge: we needed to raise awareness of Gas Natural Fenosa’s sponsorship of culture and we had to connect those activities with the messages/values the company were themselves promoting in their corporate communication channels. Specifically, we had to showcase messages about the brand’s core communications theme: energy efficiency. But how could we fit everything together in a cohesive, complementary and appealing fashion? How could we connect both worlds: movies and energy efficiency? We had to come up with an idea that would serve as the advertising core for all of Gas Natural Fenosa’s sponsorship activities connected to the movies and “energy efficiency”. Given these premises, we created Cinergía. One word, one concept that would connect both worlds (in Spanish): “cinema and energy” and which allowed a new communications strategy to be created around it.

Creative Execution

With Cinergía we made four short films, which were directed by great Spanish filmmakers and starred international actors performing the role of prescribers, promoting the responsible use of energy. They also served as influencers in their own right, since they provided their own channels as part of the campaign ecosystem. The films would be the tip of a larger communications plan that connected creativity, contents and media thanks to a transmedia advertising strategy that was endorsed by media group AtresMedia with whom we agreed a media partnership. They disseminated and promoted the project through their television channels, radio stations, press and digital media. It was our chance to improve our relational value with our clients, and with the public at large, orchestrating a campaign that would be expansive, transversal and transmedia, which would balance the use of media and niche actions with mass activations connecting contents and media.

Thanks to Cinergía we managed to boost the brand’s sponsorship activity, making their activities and projects known to the general public. According to a Millward Brown study, Gas Natural Fenosa took the number one spot for the second year running when members of the public were asked to recall Spain’s foremost cinema sponsor, overtaking companies whose main business is audiovisual production/distribution, such as Mediaset or Atresmedia. The short films and other elements created for the campaign (makings of, previews, interviews, etc.) were seen more than 20M times, achieving a total audience of 446 million people. Thanks to the development of all these actions and the generation of news, buzz and earned media, we achieved over 538M advertising impacts, with a payback that exceeds 249% of the money invested in the action and its activation (ROI). Lastly, conversations in social media about “energy efficiency” rose by 28 per cent.

We created stories that were not only meant to entertain the audience, but also to tell them how to curb bad energy habits. In order to achieve this, we created a transmedia ecosystem that would enjoyably illustrate something as nebulous and tedious as “energy efficiency”. In this second edition of Cinergía, we made four short humorous films directed by renowned Spanish filmmakers Paco León, Santiago Segura and Isabel Coixet, and Josep Pujol, winner of the “Cinergía Talent” contest, who made his own first short. The shorts were shown on our own channels and on television and screened in cinema

Our main objective was to connect all these initiatives by creating stories that would go beyond the movie screen and allow audiences to improve their knowledge and get to know these concepts better (and even participate in them). In order to achieve this we made four short films that would be the tip a larger transmedia communication plan connecting creativity, content and media. With this premise in mind we decided to premiere each of the films exclusively at Spain’s foremost film festivals: San Sebastián, Sitges, Madrid and Málaga. Once all the films had been shown and presented at the festivals, with their own press conferences in the festivals’ official schedules, they were aired on television and screened in cinemas and posted in the brand’s own channels, alongside assorted additional content connected to the theme of energy efficiency.