Category A03. Online: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Product/ServiceTINE MILK
Entrant TRY Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation TRY Oslo, NORWAY
Media Placement MEDIACOM Oslo, NORWAY
Production PRAVDA Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Jørgen Bøhle Bakke TRY Copywriter
Ester Hjellum TRY Art Director
Helge Gjertveit TRY Account Director
Eline Rønneberg Vik TRY Project Manager
Cathrine Wennersten TRY Project Manager
Johanne Helgeland Pravda Director
Mette Waaberg Pravda Producer
Erik Schøien Pravda Producer

The Campaign

In order to remind Norwegians of how active kids actually are during a school day, and that they need to eat and drink nutritious food , we filmed and documented Sara (8) whilst playing in the school playground. Then we challenged one of Norway’s top athletes, World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic Champion Kjetil Jansrud, to copy all of Sara’s movements – scaled to adult size.

Creative Execution

The film was launched on the clients own Facebook-page on the 19th of august and quickly achieved high popularity and organic reach. After one week we ran one prime time screening on Norway’s largest commercial TV-channel. As well we made use of YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

The film has received a lot of positive attention in Norway with nearly 2 million views (organic reach) on Facebook and YouTube (there are only 5 million Norwegians, so nearly half the nation has seen it - so far), positive buzz and review in press and social media. Rubicon (Endemol Shine Group) are in the prosess of making a TV-series based in the concept. During the 8 week period after we launched the film, the sales revenue are up more than 4% compared to the same period last year.

Instead of making an ad, we created an entertaining competition were we kind of shrunk one of Norways most famous top athletes and made him race an 8 year old. The result was so entertaining that it now is turning in to a TV-series.

Make Norwegian parents aware of how active many kids actually may be during the course of a school day, and hence the importance of proper nutrition throughout the day.