Category A03. Online: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Entrant HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Production STINK Berlin, GERMANY
Production 2 PSYOP New York, USA
Additional Company LOFT TONSTUDIOS Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Guido Heffels HEIMAT Berlin Chief Creative Director
Maik Richter HEIMAT Berlin Managing Director
Sabina Hesse HEIMAT Berlin Creative Director
Ricardo Distefano HEIMAT Berlin Creative Director
Julia Bubenik HEIMAT Berlin Agency Account Supervisor
Sandra Bernin Otto Client Account Director
Claudia Cantus Otto Client Account Manager
Sandra Albers Otto Client Account Manager
Francisca Maier HEIMAT Berlin Agency Account Manager
Sina Heimann HEIMAT Berlin Agency Account Manager
Guido Heffels HEIMAT Berlin Creative Director
Lisa Yvonne Heimgartner HEIMAT Berlin Copywriter
Albert Chan HEIMAT Berlin Art Director
Alexander Münzer HEIMAT Berlin Agency Producer
Marie Hyon Psyop Director
Marco Spier Psyop Director
Julian Holland Stink Executive Producer
Lydia Holness Psyop Executive Producer
Frank Naranjo Psyop Lead Technical Director
Liam Griffin Psyop VFX
Arsen Arzumanyan Psyop 3D Animator
Sam Crees Psyop 3D Animator
Henning Koczy Psyop 3D Animator
Ryan Moran Psyop 3D Animator
Pat Porter Psyop 3D Animator
Anthony Travieso Psyop 3D Animator
Efrain Cintron Psyop 2D Animator
Sarra Idris Psyop Editor
Marco Schubert Otto Client Creative Director
Ethan Spiro Psyop Editor

The Campaign

The concept behind the Christmas campaign was to make the campaign itself a gift – in form of a magical animated film. At its core is the idea „Christmas is inside of us all“ remembering what Christmas is truly about: the joy of fulfilling long-desired heartfelt wishes, particularly those that we all carry inside of us. Giving, without expecting anything in return, with unconditinal dedication and despite all obstacles. The story itself follows a mailman, who, on a cold December night, finds the unopened, long-lost letter of an unknown boy and then sets out to fulfill this little boy’s long-awaited wish.

Creative Execution

Implementation A new campaign mechanic. Instead of conventional TV spots – an 82” animated film was launched across social media first and could only be viewed online. A short 20” TV trailer promoted the online film and the landing page, where the audience could find the film, the specially composed song, an audio book and the „the sky of wishes“, where people could post their own long awaited wishes. All media activity (TV, online banners, etc.) served as teasers for the main film. A huge organic platform on which the borders of shop and campaign were blurred. Timeline The campaign ran from November 17th till December 14th. Placement The full-length film was hosted on YouTube, Facebook and on a temporary landing page specifically developed for the campaign. A 20” TV trailer was run to promote the online film and the landing page. Scale Germany-wide: TV, online and print.

Reach More than 8 million combined views of the online film on YouTube and Facebook. The TV trailer came in touch with 269,5 million (gross) people with a total GRP of 846. Engagement 1+ million visits on the landing page with an average dwelling time of approx. 2 minutes. 77,000+ likes, 27,000+ shares and close to 5,000 comments on the online film. A very high proportion of people also shared the film on their own social channels. Impact OTTO dominated the advertising market in Germany: The campaign accomplished double-digit sales volume growth. It marks the best Christmas sales period in the company’s history, with 1+ million visits per day, and 1 order placed every two seconds on

In times of uncertainty in which one horror message follows another, we all feel the urge for an emotional calm anchor on Christmas time. Despite or even because of the fact that the campaign „Christmas is inside all of us“ is a quiet one, it became the most successful Christmas campaign in OTTO’s history. Feels like the magic of „giving, without expecting anything in return .“

The superordinate strategy: Rather score with sharpness than with volume. The way: The greatest activation campaign of all times. Without specific products or additional percentages, but with the core to make the campaign itself a gift.