Category A01. Cinema & Theatrical: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Entrant THE CYRANOS//McCANN Barcelona, SPAIN
Idea Creation THE CYRANOS//McCANN Barcelona, SPAIN
Media Placement THE CYRANOS//McCANN Barcelona, SPAIN
Production THE CYRANOS//McCANN Barcelona, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Pablo Colonnese The Cyranos // McCann Executive Creative Director
David Fernandez The Cyranos // McCann Creative Director
Joaquin Espagnol The Cyranos // McCann Creative Director
Eduard Cubel The Cyranos // McCann Art Director
Jaume Rufach The Cyranos // McCann Copy
Fernando Riveros The Cyranos // McCann Art Director
Matías López Navajas The Cyranos // McCann Copy
Carlos García-Munté The Cyranos // McCann Copy Junior
Xavi Teruel The Cyranos // McCann Art Director junior
Fernando Diago The Cyranos // McCann Art Director junior
Alba Riart The Cyranos // McCann Production Manager
Bea Cañete The Cyranos // McCann Producer
Oriol Bombí The Cyranos // McCann Head of Strategic Planning
Mònica Martorell The Cyranos // McCann General Director
Anna Gil The Cyranos // McCann Head of Account Services
Fernanda Pierri The Cyranos // McCann Head of Client Services
Sofía Vida Raposo IMELDA Creative Director
Oxígeno Production Company
Olga Duerto Executive Producer
Kike Maillo Director

The Campaign

The creative idea shows, through the eyes of a girl that represents the spirit of IMO, how the brand is worried about the vision of people as a means of overcoming the fears that a lack of vision represents. The story is about a girl that helps her brother to overcome his fear of darkness by showing him the wonderful things that a lack of light hides. Because restoring your vision is much more than that. It’s overcoming the fears that prevent us from living an independent life to its full extent.

Creative Execution

The project started in April of 2016 as a TV feature on different Spanish channels, in order to then have a larger international media plan in IMO’s main clients’ markets. Besides, a larger feature is being broadcast in cinemas and more extensive content forms a part of the brand’s digital strategy, and it is linked both to its website and Facebook page.

In the first weekend it was broadcast we managed to: Increase the brand’s Brand Love index by 50% amongst the campaign’s spectators. Increase the number of Facebook followers by 27%, while also increasing the amount of spontaneous mentions by 120%. And what’s most important, we increased the visits and treatment requests on IMO by over 12% with regards to the usual weekly average.

This is the first clearly emotional branded content for a brand such as IMO, which operates in a category that is marked by rational messages that focus on the functionalities of products. This represents the construction of brand equity to distinguish IMO from a brand perception point of view and not only because of the superiority of the product.

We discover through data from the category that there is a basic human consequence that is related to a lack of vision: fear. When people don’t see well, they’re afraid to walk outside, to not recognize their friends down the street, to not be able to fend for themselves…People who don’t have good vision tend to shut themselves away through fear. In this sense, we’re working on a new emotional positioning for IMO that focuses on how restoring your vision can help you to overcome those fears and restore your self-confidence and therefore have the possibility of fending for yourself. The target is universal and aimed at people with vision difficulties, as IMO is also a brand with an international reach that requires a global and human tale.