Category A02. TV & Broadcast: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Product/ServiceEITB - SIN IR MÁS LEJOS
Entrant THE CYRANOS//McCANN Barcelona, SPAIN
Idea Creation THE CYRANOS//McCANN Barcelona, SPAIN
Media Placement THE CYRANOS//McCANN Barcelona, SPAIN
Production THE CYRANOS//McCANN Barcelona, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Pablo Colonnese The Cyranos // McCann Executive Creative Director
David Fernandez The Cyranos // McCann Creative Director
Joaquin Espagnol The Cyranos // McCann Creative Director
Fernando Riveros The Cyranos // McCann Art Director
Matías López Navajas The Cyranos // McCann Copy
Eduard Cubel The Cyranos // McCann Art Director
Jaume Rufach The Cyranos // McCann Copy
Carlos García-Munté The Cyranos // McCann Copy Junior
Xavi Teruel The Cyranos // McCann Art Director junior
Fernando Diago The Cyranos // McCann Art Director junior
Alba Riart The Cyranos // McCann Production Manager
Bea Cañete The Cyranos // McCann Producer
Oriol Bombí The Cyranos // McCann Head of Strategic Planning
Mònica Martorell The Cyranos // McCann General Director
Anna Gil The Cyranos // McCann Head of Account Services
Fernanda Pierri The Cyranos // McCann Head of Client Services
Primo Madrid Primo Madrid Production Company
Sepia & Martin Kalima Director(s)
Ramon Corominas & Eva de Lera Executive Producer(s)
Idea Sonora Idea Sonora Sound Production

The Campaign

Both in people’s lives and in news programmes, some news is hard to deliver and hard to have to hear. Based on this insight, the campaign reports hard news exactly the same as in everyday news programmes, mixed in with real-life situations. Like the Panama Papers, or the candidacy and the real possibility of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States.

Creative Execution

The campaign consists of two pieces. Each one shows a dramatic situation of real life in which the protagonists arrange to give harsh news to a loved one (a pregnant teenager who is 16 years old, the death of the family dog).

Through the advertising campaign EITB- Without going any further, the show's ratings increased during the emission by 30%. In addition, there was an increase considered web visits and increased participation of viewers during the program, one of the best television channel advertising campaigns of the year.

SIML aims to offer a quality TV product based on journalistic accuracy. Which is why we are delighted to present the concept “the truth, however much it hurts us”. In spite of the hard-hitting material, the communication takes a humorous angle, which helps to bring the message home, without sacrificing its forcefulness.

Nobody wants to hear that there are people who make billions of dollars and pay next to nothing in tax. And nobody wants to hear that some guy whose speeches are full of xenophobia, militarism and racism stands a real chance of being elected President of the most powerful country in the world in 2016. Every day, there is news that is hard to have to report, but it is necessary to know about it.