Silver Eurobest
Category A04. Series: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Media Placement TOINENPHD Helsinki, FINLAND
Production SCREEN Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Juha-Matti Raunio TBWA Helsinki Vice President
Theodor Arhio TBWA/Helsinki Executive Creative Director
Henri Valtere TBWA\Helsinki Head of Client Services
Iiro Hokkanen TBWA/Helsinki Director
Niko Hatara TBWA\Helsinki Producer
Emilia Repo TBWA\Helsinki Project manager
Outi Ellilä Anttila Oy Marketing & eCommerce Director
Aniina Räike Anttila Oy Content Planner
Tobias Andersson TBWA\Helsinki Editor
Mikko Halonen TBWA\Helsinki Art Director
Pia Grekula TBWA\Helsinki Art Director
Lassi Vierikko Freelance Scriptwriter
Arsen Sarkisiants Genre Works DOP
Juhani Ylitalo TBWA\Helsinki Copywriter
Heidi Aalto TBWA\Helsinki Production AD
Arttu Hokkanen Freelance Sound

The Campaign

People love to talk about TV-shows, but how could we get Anttila back into peoples conversations? TV content is better than ever before. But, the awareness of TV-commercials has hit an all-time low. We have seen a decline from 2010 59% to today's 44% (Source: OMG databank 2010-2015). To fight this, brands buy sponsorships on TV shows, which in reality means a logo on the wall or short taglines before and after the show. This is not enough to stop awareness from plummeting. We used entertainment to tell what Anttila brand stands for and continued our story in advertising telling people what to buy. Branded entertainment is a new tool for brands to tell their story and and location plays a crucial part in the story, so why not create your own scripted comedy series that takes place in real Anttila department store?

Creative Execution

Erinomanlaiset is an eight episode Facebook original series that had its premiere in April 2016. The length of the episodes varied between 3-8 minutes. Erinomanlaiset comedy was first aired on Friday in Anttila's own Facebook page. Right after the premiere on FB episodes could also be found from Anttila's own Youtube channel. In other words Youtube served as our VOD-service and made it easier for audience to find and watch episodes if they had missed them. First episode was aired Friday 22nd April and after that we published a new episode every Friday for the next eight weeks. We were also active in social media and PR to maximize the discussion around the topic. Discovery owned nationwide channel5 also noticed our buzzworthy show and bought the rights for the show and aired it as any regular tv-show on Monday night prime time 21:00-21:30.

Erinomanlaiset gained over 2 million views on Facebook in a market of only 5M people creating massive amounts of conversations for and against. Episodes were also ranked as the most engaging Facebook content in Finland in April. Youtube awarded Erinomanlaiset as the best content created by a Finnish brand in Q2. But it didn’t stop here! Show was also topic of the news and talk shows creating 523 000€ worth of earned media which equals five times the investment. Discovery was so convinced about the phenomena that they bought the rights for the show. Erinomanlaiset was aired as any regular TV-show and got its TV-premier on June 13th Monday night prime time. Show got great readings and was the 4th watched tv-show on the channel (source: Finnpanel 13/6/2016). All this buzz led to the fact that Anttila brand was one of the biggest gainers on Brandindex during the campaign period.(Source:YouGov)

Erinomanlaiset is an excellent example of the entertainment financed by brands. Erinomanlaiset is a workplace scripted comedy situated in a real Anttila department store giving the brand an active role in the story. The show introduces the well-intentioned but a bit out of the ordinary staff of the Anttila department store and their everyday life. This eight episode (3-8 minutes) series had its premiere on Facebook in April and created so much buzz that discovery owned channel TV5 bought the rights for the comedy. Erinomanlaiset was aired on their nationwide channel TV5 on Monday night prime time at 21:00-21:30.

We had a budget of a regular two week campaign. Usually brands spent 85% of the budget on distribution and 15% creating the content. We decided to do the opposite! We spent 85% of our budget on content and that’s how we created Anttila’s very own Facebook comedy. Erinomanlaiset is eight episode Facebook original series that had its premiere in April 2016. Content is the king of Facebook, and viewers have the powers so we needed to be edgy and brave, create great content and maximize buzz. So as Netflix did with the House of Cards we used data to analyze the hot topics of the moment: the things that make people sit up and pay attention and used that to shape our scriptwriting and casting. The show is starring well-known Finnish actors and social media celebrities representing the boiling topics. This strategy enabled us to get the maximum attention.